WEEKEND. We just needed an excuse to discover another portuguese town we never went.
Torres Vedras. Besides the Carnaval party all around the city for about 6 days, this town has some true beauty beach landscapes!! THAT impressed me! We went down to reunite with my bestie and her family and to . Even so it was unusual cold for this time of the year - and very very foggy - I loved it all! First, we went straight to Mafra, it was more like a "doctor visit", quickly we filled our eyes with the baroque and neoclassical architecture of the Mafra National Palace, so beautiful even with the fog, I imagine it in a sunny day... Then, we ran to the car cause the light rain was pouring non-stop and drive to the beach...


Warm water out of the fountain comparing to the feel like 1 ºC! :)

And you, do you know Portugal, this town or others? I would love to know about you...